OIDA Training

Our general principles are uncompromising education quality and intensive, practical-oriented learning. OIDA SI offers a modular educational program that prepares attendees with the latest open source intelligence (OSINT) methods and techniques to improve the way they collect, collate and analyse information to generate intelligence.

Our workshops provide instruction and practice in using an overarching method for conducting research and analysis, designed to help OSINT professionals:

  • Understand research requirements.
  • Collect and collate information efficiently.
  • Effectively communicate, package and report OSINT findings.
  • Operate safely and securely online.
Our complete intelligence program – from basics to advanced analysis – has been developed and led by our staff and our partners.



Porte de l'Arenas, Hall C - CS13326
455, Promenade des Anglais
06206 Nice cedex 3, France
Website: https://oidagroup.com
Email: contact@oidagroup.com


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