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OIDA Computing

OIDA Computing

OIDA SI provides users with innovative and intuitive tools for researching quantitative data, statistics and related information.

  • Our ECM platforms are easy to extend, customize and integrate with your existing applications and processes.
  • We provide interactive data visualization BI tools in order to give life to our databases.
  • We build platforms and applications to make information intelligent and actionable.

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OIDA Training

OIDA Training

Our workshops provide instruction and practice in using an overarching method for conducting research and analysis, designed to help OSINT professionals:

  • Understand research requirements.
  • Collect and collate information efficiently.
  • Effectively communicate, package and report OSINT findings.
  • Operate safely and securely online.

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OIDA Group Investments

OIDA Group Investments

OIDA SI invests its investors' capital in a step by step manner in line with the capital needs of the project through its development and commissioning phases.

  • We only sustain companies in the Aerospace / Defense field.

OIDA SI is able to provide advice regarding competive landscape matters, including strategic and long-term planning.

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