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We are a new independent consulting firm. serving clients in Aerospace, Defence and Maritime industries. We gather, classify, and analyze information from a wide range of open sources. To the data, OIDA Strategic Intelligence adds insightful analysis to provide market intelligence, forecasting, proprietary research and consulting services for our clients.

We're passionate about helping companies improve their knowledge to provide a competitive advantage for the business and therefore generate growth. Our clients are kept abreast of the latest trends in the defense and aerospace business.
"To be beaten is excusable, but to be taken by surprise is unforgivable."
-Napoleon Bonaparte

Our Services

We assist clients in the following areas: Market Survey & Forecasting, Competitive Intelligence, Acquisition Targeting, Special Program Tracking, Lobbying, Pricing & Bidding Strategy, Sales & Business Development support, Training.
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Our Mission

OIDA Strategic Intelligence helps organisations to identify the best-fit market strategy for their business, in order to maximize returns on new investment in defence markets.
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Our Philosophy

We are oriented high-tech, young, dynamic and enthusiast.
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Our Commitment

We put quality first, constantly looking for better and more innovative ways to create, produce and deliver our products and services. We keep our customers by delivering the best possible results.
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Need a solid business partner you can count on? Look no further!

We deliver real, measurable results. We achieve this by understanding our customers’ needs, evaluating our offer and identifying adequate partnership in our network.

Why choose us?

  • We don’t have a clue in cosmetics !
  • Only oriented Aerospace, Defence and Maritime industries
  • Specialist data-driven intelligence and insight to your businesses
  • Our products and services help our customers to make decisions better and quicker
  • Gain insight into various defense modernization initiatives around the world
  • Highly-respected sector and subject matter analysts, experts and editors
  • High customer satisfaction

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OIDA Strategic Intelligence is a new independent consulting firm serving clients in Aerospace, Defense and Maritime industries. Our reports draw on in-depth primary and secondary research, proprietary databases with quantitative and qualitative analyses. To the data, OIDA Strategic Intelligence adds insightful analysis from our expert teams.
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Company Reports

Reports cover market fundamentals, market environment and prospectives, corporate strategies and competitors.

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Industry Reports

Reports cover industry market developments. A competitive landscape is also provided. We track over 750 companies.

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The new business information provider for Aerospace & Defence

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“With a team of experienced analysts and service professionals, a network of regional and subject matter experts, OIDA Strategic Intelligence gathers, classifies, and analyzes information from a wide range of open sources. Our analysts have earned widespread expertise from international organisations (NATO, United Nations, European institutions), armed forces (French Army & Navy), defence industry (DCNS, Nexter, SAGEM), consulting firms and other institutional organisations.”  — Expert

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